If you enjoy a truly creative musical experience...
This is something you will want to attend!

The Herb Smith Freedom Trio

Herb Smith trumpet, didgerido
Peter Chwazik, 9 string bass, guitar
Paul Mastriani, drums, percussion

Herb Smith says....
The Freedom Trio is an expressive modern jazz trio. You won't hear another version of "All of Me" or another rehashing of "Take the A Train". You are going to hear original music specifically composed for this unique instrumentation that induces and evokes emotions ranging the gamut from complete and utter joy, to intense and building , to serene and meditative. The Freedom Trio borrows elements from many different styles. Peter having come from a diverse musical back ground, is at home on bass and guitar. He brings his experience having traveled across the globe. Paul who also plays in a reggae jam band brings his groove experience to the table. Herb who plays in the Rochester Philharmonic brings an added classical ingredient. The Australian influence using the didgeridoo, their expertise in all these styles , and the solid jazz background that characterizes all 3 musicians for many years, combines to craft a distinctive sound that can only be called... The Freedom Trio!

Saturday June 14th at 2:30pm
Free and Open to the public!
Petit Branch
Onondaga County Public Library
105 Victoria Place, Syracuse, NY 13210 * 315-435-3636 www.onlib.org

Made possible in part by a state grant
secured by Senator John A. DeFrancisco.




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